What is an SEO Link Strategist?

Companies and businesses hire SEO Link Strategists or Specialists to implement specific link-building techniques and strategies to build their brand or services online.

Good SEO Link Strategists will focus on building links through one-way, relevant inbound links vs. exchanging links and will do so through a WHITE HAT approach. This means they will adhere to implementing acceptable search engine marketing guidelines (rules and regulations) as established by major search engines.

The Do’s And Don’t Of A Good Link Builder

  • Links with relevant keywords in the anchor text
  • Links from sites that have good page rank
  • Links from industry-relevant pages
  • No Links from redirects
  • No JavaScript links
  • No links from framed pages
  • No flash-embedded links
  • No robots-tag-excluded link pages or no follow tagging
  • Links spread over different domains – so links that are not all on the same IP address
  • No links from link farms or free for all link networks
  • No links from Blogs and Blogspots
  • No links from pornographic or sites containing offensive content

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